The Work Ready Online work readiness course is designed to develop workplace etiquette and enhance skills needed for entry level jobs. (Entry-level jobs are non-supervisory, non-managerial, nonprofessional positions. These may be unskilled positions or they may be skilled positions where the required job-specific skills can be learned while on the job) A certification in this area wil enable adults and older youth to demonstrate to prospective employers that they have the knowledge and skills needed for successful performance as entry-level workers. Our certification process meets the same requirements outlined by the National Work Readiness Council (NWRC) and has been developed in accordance to its standard. This standard is based on consensus across industry clusters of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are critical to successful performance of entry-level work in today's workplace. Work Ready Online uses an educational system that can reliably train individuals to achieve the knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet the standard, to certify them, and to refer them to appropriate job openings. Certification is based on a standard defined by business for entry-level work readiness. The standard was specified through a research process that included collecting and aggregating information across industry clusters to create a non-industryspecific composite profile. This profile reflects the knowledge, skills, and abilities that front line workers, supervisors, managers, and other workforce experts agree are most important to successful performance of entry-level work, including the ability to:

  • Complete work accurately, on time, and to a high standard of quality.
  • Work in teams to achieve mutual goals and objectives.
  • Follow work-related rules and regulations.
  • Demonstrate willingness to work and show initiative and,
  • Display responsible behaviors at work, including avoiding absenteeism and demonstrating promptness.


The course is divided in to nine modules each are designed to develop and test one or more of the four key performance areas needed for entry-level jobs in today's job market. These areas are:

  • Problem Solving. 
  • Literacy.
  • Communication.
  • Situational Judgement. 


Going beyong just developing the basic soft skills needed to perform once employeed, our self awarness tool "The Shape Profiler" is a first phase self discovery assessment tool design to divulge information regarding carreer development needs and individual characteristics. 

Once you have completed the coursework including quizes, tests, and essays. You will be prepared to take the certification exam.

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