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Yipengjack Engine Crane is designed to work in the automotive

Posted by: leemotou on 3/9/2018 6:31 PM

Engine Crane is designed to work in the automotive and maintenance industry. Originally used to lift engines out of car engine bays by slinging up the engine using a specially designed engine chain sling, the sling is then attached to the Workshop Crane's hook and a lift can be performed by operating the rear hydraulic handle that similar to a bottle jack, pumps hydraulic pressure in to the cylinder and raises the crane arm which lifts the engine out of the bay.

Heavy duty welded construction with rugged reinforced tubular steel

Metered control release valve for lowering boom at a precisely-controlled rate of speed

Special 8 Ton hydraulic long rams are equipped with a patented built-in by-pass mechanism

This superb garage/workshop engine crane is suitable for a variety of applications. Great value for money and built to industrial quality, this Yipeng foldable crane is a must have for lifting heavy loads.

The unique technology of quick lifting by double action pump.

Larger capacity than normal shop cranes at 3 positions.

Chrome plated lifting piston and pump piston

Relief valve to prevent overload.

360 degree swivel operating handle

Forged heavy-duty swivel hook

125% overload testing before delivery

Conforms to CE safety standards.

Please contact us in advance if you are interested in taking a tour and/or obtaining more information about our Engine Crane.

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