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calvin klein watches in pakistan

Posted by: 7starrr on 5/27/2021 2:41 AM

The dial of the watch is in black colour. The watch has chronograph function. The watch has screw in crown. This type of crown offers excellent protection to ensure the case’s water resistance. The crown has to be unscrewed before any operation and must be screwed back in fully afterwards. There is also index screw in crown. This system, which has been patented, enables the crown to be easily unscrewed or screwed back in with only a quarter turn. The crown has a single screwed-in position, which means that it can be indexed to the Hublot logo. This type of crown provides excellent protection to guarantee the water-resistance of the case. A mechanical buffer system provides optimum water resistance in the screwed-in position. The crown is also for date setting. Hublot watches have power reserve 42 hours, except for few models. The watch has also rotating bezel.

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