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Work Ready Online is committed to workforce development through talent acquisition management services, and training courses. We strategize and manage recruiting events as one of the many ways our organization can fulfill its obligation to provide top tier candidates an opportunity to meet with organizations such as yours. For more information call (800) 970-8945


To participate as an "Employer" attendee, you must register on Work Ready Online, reserve a table ($350) and have at least one position available, ready to fill. 



To participate as a "Recruiter" attendee you must register on Work Ready Online, and purchase a "Recruiter Credential" ($100). Upon doing so your credential will grant you "All Access" at the venue and unlimited interviewing table reservations.

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  • Primary Sponsor: Our PRIMARY sponsorship package includes; a table, a dedicated ad on event page(728 x 90 – Leaderboard)for 3 weeks, and your company logo on all marketing materials. -Cost: $1200.
  • Basic Sponsor: Our BASIC sponsorship package includes; a table, and your company logo on all marketing materials. -Cost:$700​

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