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Aug 16



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The thing about many “real jobs” is that they aren’t particularly fun or rewarding in the way we imagine them to be, they just have social prestige. And even when it comes to money, many people working “real” jobs could be making a much higher monthly income with a specific skilled job that they trained for at a technical school instead of university. There is no guarantee that having a desk job means a good living, comprehensive time off, work/life balance, personal fulfillment, or even the opportunity to meaningfully advance. There are many office-based jobs that provide none of those things, and leave people, in a few short years of “landing” it, wanting to quit overnight and escape it all.

A job is “real” when you work it, when you try your hardest and draw value from it, even if that value is “knowing what you don’t want to do in the future.” A job is “real” when you put in an honest day’s work and don’t look down your nose at anyone else’s work, because you know that the meaning of effort and dedication can be found anywhere from a coffee shop to a corporate office. Most of us have worked jobs that would be considered, by some of the more judgmental among us, to be “not real,” but if we told that to the version of ourselves putting in long hours at those jobs, they’d laugh in our faces. Of course they were “real.” Sweeping floors is real, dealing with angry customers is real, getting coffee for superiors is real, and learning about yourself in the process is real. Sitting at a desk may be more comfortable and respected, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy it any more or are getting more out of it. In fact, some of us (myself included) can think of more important lessons we learned doing work that was less valued by society.  -Full Story...

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