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As the leading talent acquisition specialists, we can provide any organization the top tier candidates they expect. Our HR services include compliance training and workshops geared to keep any company in accordance with regulations no matter what industry standards are required. With well over 15 years collectively in workforce development, workplace training, and employment services we are the pacesetters positioned to positively impact employment standards worldwide.

Our Focus

  1. Work Force Planning:
    • To achieve a company's objectives we consider our client's needs in terms of size, type, skills, Knowledge, experience, and quality of workforce when conducting an initial analysis. We focus on the current, transition and future impact of the external and internal environment of the company enabling it to be resilient to current structural and cultural changes to better position itself for the future.
    • Our unique approach includes Strategic Workforce Planning & Operational Workforce Planning. 
  2. Managing Talent pools:
    • Our talent pool management system ranks among the best in the nation. This is the recommended solution for companies looking to identify and promote talent from within their organization as a whole.
    • This integrated approach identifies and grooms candidates for increasingly demanding leadership positions and prepares the company for demographic trends that sharply decrease leadership ranks.
  3. Talent Retention:
    • We implement the six key talent retention practices as part of our talent retention strategy; 1) Recruit the right people in the first place. 2) Improve the line manager's ability to manage. 3) Give employees constant feedback about clear, meaningful goals. 4) Empower employees to manage their own careers. 5) Proactively drive talent mobility. 6) Continuously measure and improve retention strategies. 
  4. Employer Branding:
    • Although this is a fairly new concept, WRO has been involved with creating positive employer branding for many years. We understand the importance of this concept better than anyone, and our customized systematic approach includes workshops and training sessions for key personnel and business owners. 


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